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The Billy Madison Show is a funny, irreverent show built for guys. The successful, proven radio program features Billy as the leader of a group of passionate, curious and "unique" individuals that work hard and know how to blend great original content and lifestyle entertainment targeted to active adults.

Take Your Station to Number One

Bringing syndication into morning drive on your station is a huge decision. There have to be certain things you expect from a syndicated brand that leads you to make that decision. A syndicated show needs to deliver you reliable, relatable content that exceeds anything you can find locally and within budget. It needs to deliver a turn-key brand that fits all facets of your station's image, and most importantly it needs to win.

"In a nutshell, he’s ascended to number one everywhere he wasn’t already. He ran the table in every male demo--number one Men 12+, 18+, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54, and 35-64. In adult demos, he came as close to running the table as I’ve ever seen—number one Persons 12+, 18+, 18-34, 18-49, and 25-54. Apparently a few 55+ women have yet to catch on, as he’s only third place Persons 35-64. We’re working on that."

—keith hastings, director of branding and programming, kiss-fm, san antonio

The Billy Madison Show began airing on 99.5 KISS in San Antonion on November 28, 2011. And it only took one book before the needle started to move. In a newly minted "PPM World" the Billy Madison Show took the daypart from 16th in a market to number one. The Billy Madison show outrates and outbills the other dayparts by 30%.

The BMS is well-known for its "Deadbeat Dads" feature. This is where Billy "busts" Deadbeat Dads on-air after luring them on the phone under the guise of winning a prize. The ex-wife, girlfriend, (or simply the mother of the child) is on the call as well and once Billy asks "why don't you pay your child support?" the mother confronts the DBD and the fireworks begin! 

In addition to Billy, the show is comprised of Derek (Co-Host), "Nard" (Stuntman) , Fred (Producer) and Dumbass Daniel (Phone screener/Goober). The show uses social media CONSTANTLY and have a huge imprint on Twitter.

"if the show consistently out-ranks and out-bills the other day-parts on their station(s) by twenty percent and the content is relatable to my audience, i will look real closely at picking them up."

—coaching to win panel / msbc 2014

The success of The Billy Madison Show can be traced back to Billy, an extremely hard worker. While most morning show hosts rely heavily on morning show preparation services for daily topics, Billy creates his own show prep for each show. You get something unique and it works and wins. The ensemble that Billy has grouped around him creates an environment that is hard to capture in our industry. You will win the daypart, you will win in social media, and your reps will win with clients.

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