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clips lgclips  

If it happened and you’re talking about it and there is audio of it…we will have it. TV clips from prior night television, movie clips from opening movies, viral video, 911 calls, sporting events and award shows. All provided in easy to navigate click-and-play MP3 form. PLUS an extensive archive of evergreen material

nineblog lgnineblog

We track the latest entertainment news and gossip plus lifestyle stories, funny, bizarre, offbeat and controversial stuff and the biggest trending pictures and videos (perfect for driving traffic to your website)

daily9 lgdaily 9 

Trading ideas with other shows works when done right. We have a strong membership with some of the most creative shows in the business. Submit a few ideas each week and get back over nine times the content.



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interviews lginterviews

A seasoned crew of guest bookers locking down phone interviews with celebrities as well as finding the top-of-mind interviews of people in the news. These interviews are booked exclusively for Nineball affiliates. We schedule your time and supply you with pertinent info to prepare you for the interview.

ringers lgringers  

Five custom, market exclusive bits each week! Two innovative voicemail services called The Vent-Line, The Loser-Line. We set up your own lines so you don’t have to. A Soundboard Call. A Phone Jack and one Caller Bit that will surely get your phone going.